Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

Block 3
Block 4

filler blocks

Home Sweet Home is now a TOP!! I finished the borders now on to finding a backing and deciding on the binding! I am thinking I might do a curved border.

I also worked on my moda U baskets I did some fussy piecing on the woven basket. I may change my mind on my border fabric have to wait till I see how I arrange the blocks.

Friday, August 14, 2009

watermelon pin cushion

Gee I haven't been around in a while and now 2 posts in one day!!

I saw these cute pincushions at the AQS show in Knoxville I have a pattern by Need'l love from Summer spirit and made one today, I stuffed it with walnut shells. I think I need to make a few more watermelon things before summer is over.

busy sewing

and lots of other things, I finished block 8 of home sweet home and almost done with block 9 just a few more leaves to stitch so top will be done soon, I have sewn 3 of the 4 borders I think this will be really pretty.

I started Moda U with friends and have several blocks done, my colors with this are chocolate brown reds and pinks.

Had such a mess to clean up after nasty storms last week took out our patio furniture and several trees, so much glass to pick up safety glass is so tiny we used spatulas to try and get it out of the mulch.
I also have the Aug, block done for Bunny Hill's BOM I did change it a bit who hasn't had a picnic disturbed my bees and ants? and I had to have a slice of watermelon to go with my cupcakes

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home sweet home

I cut all the swags for the borders yesterday, I have 1 1/2 blocks left to finish, so it was time to start the borders. I cleaned my sewing room and decided to get that done, I was also organizing fabrics to start Moda U's peace and plenty, which I was lucky enough to find at creative patches.

I will be going to Knoxville this week and hope to find lots of fabrics for this fun quilt.

Blueberry peach crumb pie

OH YUM!! who wouldn't love a slice of warm blueberry peach crumb pie with vanilla ice cream???

My mom made this pie every summer, started with not enough of either fruit for a pie so she tossed them together added her famous crumb topping and a tradition was born, she made this pie for my husband's birthday, she' has been gone for 8 years I finally got the courage to make one, I must say it turned our great, my sweet hubby says it's just as good as Mom's (or he was just being kind) but I think I agree!

so I'm sharing the recipe.

Blueberry peach crumb pie
1 prebaked pie shell I buy the Pillsbury and bake it 9 minutes at 425 using pie weights
1/4 C plus 2 Tbsp flour
1/2 C white sugar
1/4 C lt brown sugar
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
3 cups peeled and sliced peaches about 4 to 5 peaches
1 pt blueberries cleaned
mix all dry ingredients and toss in the peaches and blueberries put into the pie shell and make crumb topping
streusel topping
3/4 c flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 c white sugar
1/4 c light brown sugar
5 Tbsp butter cut up
use 2 knives to mix crumb topping
sprinkle evenly on the top of the pie and bake 1 hour at 375
serve warm with vanilla ice cream

Saturday, July 18, 2009

quilters Back pack and July Bunny Hill

Finished my July Bunny Hill block, these are like eating candy I just can't get enough!

I started this bag several years ago and had everything cut out and then for some reason I put it away, well I'm going to the AQS show in Knoxville next week and thought it would be great to have it done!
I used decorator weight fabric for the outside and reg quilters cotton for the lining

Sooooooo 5 heavy duty machine needles later (I think at sometimes I was sewing thru 16 layers of fabric) LOL it's finally done! It has 3 outside pockets and 5 inside pockets, lot of room to store all the goodies I will buy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

last quilt

My last quilt is Simply Romantic by Hop Scotch Quilt Co, Peggy Waltman, I must say my favorite method is applique, which I learned when we moved to Ky. this quilt did combined both piecing and applique which was so was such fun to do, started Jan 2009 finished May 2009 so that was very speedy.
Maybe we need to share quilts that are finished but took a really really long time to complete?

1st quilt

Camille over at Simplify got together with a friend, Carrie of LaVieEnRosie and cooked up this marvelous idea for quilters everywhere to show their first and last quilt. I"m game, are you???

Techniquely speaking my first quilt was a cheater panel that I made for my DD in 1978 for her big girl bed, but then I made a log cabin in a class that used a ruler and strips and was a "speedy" method. Did this in a workshop using strips and rulers I made it for my sister as a wedding gift, she has used it ever since, but when home visiting talked me into giving her a new one, so I gave her Bloomin 9 patch, and also caught her "trying" to load a few others in her suitcase LOL that will teach me to store my quilts in the guest room. She refuses to send me a photo says it has been well used.

Friday, July 10, 2009

sock sack

I made this cute sock sack last night, who says Quilter's don't do zippers?

I want to make a few more as gifts, very easy and uses scraps. I even started a pair of pink socks last night, this will be a great travel bag cause it will fit in my purse. I am so addicted to bags and purses.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

baskets of hope

My quilt group have all been doing the Bunny Hill BOM and we decide to make a wall hanging for the Markee Cancer center. Lots of different levels of experience but I think they did a great job. We started with the basket and they could add what ever they wanted to fill the basket.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pin cushion

I found this darling pin cushion and just had to make one. This was such fun to make, the directions are great

Saturday, July 4, 2009

salute to the red white and blue

Happy 4th of July!! here are several of my wallhanging to celebrate the holiday

Liberty is in Pat Sloans "Folk art favorites" and the uncle Sam is my own original design.

Everyone have a safe and fun holiday

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Toast to Issac Newton

The ladies are going to Knoxville, they have been excepted into the AQS show they are so excited! the show is July 22 thru 25. I had to do a new sleeve as they have a new hanging system, so that was a bit of a pain.

Happy 4th of July

We bought this lovely bird bath and it looks perfect in my rose garden, the roses are Knock Out roses and very easy care. The bush in the back is a purple smoke bush and looks very misty when it bloom, which was about 3 weeks ago.

Happy 4th of July I made this penny rug several years ago and I so enjoy having it out frm Memorial day thru July, the pattern is an original from a friend and I don't believe it's available for sale.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

back in the groove again

Life sure gets in the way! way to much house stuff and yard work!

But I have had fun too! I went to Irish Acres in Nonesuch KY for a fun day of shopping in their antique store, and then a wonderful lunch at the glitz!

My husband and I also went to Maker's Mark distillery in Loretto Ky it's a fun tour and we got to dip our bottles in the hot wax.

I finished working on another barn quilt wall hanging this will be hung in the municipal hall in Richmond Ky very patriotic and a perfect place and timing!

Been keeping up with my Bunny Hill BOM and have been thinking about settings May's block I added a second butterfly.

Hmm and where am I in my home sweet home? I have 7 blocks complete.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

lace knitting

Finished May block for A tisket a tasket the Bunny hill BOM I added a second Butterfly to fill out the bottom.

Still addicted to lace knitting, I made a the "flower basket shawl" not pictured yet, I still need to dress it, but I also finshed the Peacock tail and leaf shawl by Nancy Bush in her book Knitted Estonia Lace. The fountain pen shawl which was in the spring issue of Knits I used Gloss a silk and merino blend in a pewter grey from Knit Picks. The peacock shawl and flower basket are also Gloss in celery, yeah I bought to much LOL
Almost done with the Willow house for Home sweet home then only 2 more blocks before I start the borders.

Also I just started Madlii shawl in a lovely shade of lavendar, had this yarn for a very long time, it's so fine Skacel lace merino, didn't think I would ever have the nerve to use it, but after 3 trys I finally got it started.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

April projects

Been busy trying to finish my shawl, I want to enter it in our Homemakers cultural arts show, it needs to be turned in tomorrow, but I just blocked it and finished weaving in the ends. It is a bit shorter than I would have liked, I used Knit Picks Bare and the pattern is by Nancy Bush Estonia lace.

I also finished the April Bunny Hill block and the 6th block for Home sweet home.

I took a class "Scrap Therapy" I was so disappointed!! I expected to get tips on organizing and preparing my scraps, but all we received was a plastic container, a pin and the cutting directions for a scrap quilt, and told to cut squares, it was such a waste of time, I could have cut the squares at home and saved myself $10.00 and a 150 mile round trip. This class is required to take any of the other scrap therapy classes and for what?? I know how to cut fabric!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply Romantic

I had a very productive weekend, but staying inside was really hard, weather was gorgeous!

I finished quilting Simply Romantic, got the binding on and used an extra block for the label, I need to finish sewing the sleeve down, but will save that for quilt group on Thurs. I also finished the next block "Berry Street" for Home Sweet Home, prepped 2 more blocks, this is going together very quickly, I really love this pattern. We were under tornado and severe Thunder storm warnings last evening and being a quilter I just took my hand sewing in the closet as we waited out the storms, I just can't get used to the storms we have here in KY

Now I really need to buckle down and get some cleaning done, get ready for Easter, our daughter is coming down for the weekend and bringing a friend......????

The new Bunny Hill block is out too, so I need to prep the block.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home sweet home

finished block 41 Thistle hill Terrace, I also prepped blocks 5 and 6 so I am moving right along.

Today I want to finish machine quilting Simply Elegant, and make the binding, it's such a springtime quilt and I need to get it finished!

I did some Easter decorating this week, got out my lovely eggs and a few more rabbits.

I was so bad this week, I bought a new set of dishes, Butterfly Meadow by Lenox, I have loved these dishes for a long time, I think I need to make a new table topper to compliment the lovely flowers and butterflys.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home sweet home

Finally finished block 2 of the Home sweet home series, I can't say this was the easiest block, had a bunch of trouble with the curving vine, I finally used Wash Away Wonder Tape by Collins, which is double sided clear wash away 1/4" tape, it works well with placing the vines after sewing the vines. I soaked the block to wash away the tape, and the block puckered up and I had to press the life out of it. I tried to make the flowers with the bias but that was a pain too, so I made some rushed flowers, I then decided I didn't like the roof.... so I took the first one off and used a different fabric, so glad this one is done!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Quilter's day out!

Today is National Quilter's Day Out!! this event began in Kentucky! So I hope everyone is planning some wonderful quilty events.

Since I have been out shopping for the last 2 weeks, instead of going out with my freinds I'm going to stay in and sew all day.

I picked up The DVD John Adams so that should be fun to watch this weekend.

I have to get my new fabrics washed and ironed and hope to finish quilting my Simply Romantic.

I also had to purchase a new iron, I got a Shark Rapido... hope I like it, I am so hard on irons, have gone through 4 in 10 years, including 1 Rowena, 2 Black and Decker and a GE

I bought this great panel yesterday, the panel is by Andover fabrics and they have a pattern for the tote on their website, won't it make a great tote bag?

Everyone have a wonderful day filled with lots of fabric and fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Home Sweet home

Finished my first block for Home Sweet Home, welcome to 23 Sunflower lane, I really love the names of the streets for these wonderful blocks, wouldn't it be fun to name our own homes?
might name mine "goldenrod hill"

I did a bit more damage fabric shopping and also picked up a pattern that I had ordered a while ago. Aunt Millie's Garden by Piece O Cake just calls my name, I will be using chocolate brown BG fabrics so I did find a few this week, and should be able to pull the applique pieces from my ever increasing stash.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird