Friday, July 30, 2010

My Goodies from Knoxville

Several weeks ago I went to the Knoxville Quilt show and I found some great wool and a few books. I also bought Fons and Porters new glue stick pen, very cool can't wait to try it.

I also bought several bed springs fo some make do's.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fall themed crazy wool

Yesterday I started my fall themed crazy wool. I wanted to do a round one and wanted it to be only about 18". I drew a circle on freezer paper and then made lines to design the patches, this was a bit more formally than I did with my first wool. I then made a second copy of my pattern on freezer paper and used the first copy to cut apart and iron onto the wool, leaving a fat 1/4" around the entire piece when I cut it out, this way I could decide which piece I would lay on top or underneath, and I also would not waste my lovely wool.
As I cut out the pieces I then placed them on my original pattern which I had placed a piece of fusible fleece underneath, the fusible side was placed down and the wool pieces were placed on top, then I basted the pieces together. This way I can fuse the backing to the underside backing of the mat when I am done.
I think my theme is more fall and autumn rather than just halloween, I love fall and all it's flaming glory of colors.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wool crazy

I finished my wool crazy summer! I love how it came out, I want to start another for fall, I do love the round ones I have seen, so that is the next one I will try.

I also started a quilt on flannel with wool applique using Laundry basket quilt pattern Elegant Garden, I have one block done and have 4 more prepped, so will make a great carry along project. The green wool is some I dyed and pictures are brighter than it really is. I want to try more wool dyeing with Wilton's food coloring.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Red White and Blue Ribbon Day

I won 9 ribbons at our county fair!!! so exciting I entered 9 different items, jam, perserves, jelly, and barbeque sauce and pickles, as well as my sunflower pillow and mini flower table penny rug!

What fun to enter the fair, I hadn't entered anything in a while and having so many ribbons was a real thrill!

My husband gave me a very early birthday present a wonderful jam cupboard! Guess he wants me to keep it full ? And it is just about full and I haven't even gotten to apple picking!

On Tuesday a friend gifted me with a huge bag of tomatoes, so I made barbeque sauce and then on Thursday I was gifted with 14 lbs of peaches so I made spiced peaches. Boy are we going to be eating good this winter, and yes I have to buy more canning jars LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

wool crazy and sunflower make do

I found a plain glass candle stick at a garage sale ... okay so I was looking for one! I made a sunflower make do, how cute is that! The instructions were in Needl'Love's French Market threads, I loved making it and I absolutely needed more sunflowers in my home. I made this to match the pillow I made from the same book.

The wool crazy table topper is almost ready to finish, I have to start another, just so much fun and I have a new collection of hand dyed wools. I have to decide if I want to add borders or just bind it. I want to make a round one for fall and maybe winter, the possibilities are endless!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

another day at the cannery

PEACHES!!! yummy! what to make with a wonderful bowl of peaches you ask?? I made a zesty peach barbeque sauce and still had a few peaches left (not enough for a pie) and I had a good amount of cherries in the frig so I made peach cherry conserve!! My kitchen smells so good! Tomorrow it's hot pepper jelly cause the peppers are arriving......then the red tide starts rolling in.....better known as tomatoes and then apples, need more jars,need more jars! if only my friends that are gifted with these yummy delights would remember to return my jars!

PS I don't use the same jars for canning that I use for dyeing, I have separate utensils for both

Friday, July 16, 2010

dyeing wool

Microwave Kool Aid

Country classics acid dye

Wilton food coloring leaf green darker is over dyed

Today I played with dyeing wool, I did Kool Aid Acid dye and Wiltons food coloring.

Most came out great and I look forward to using them in my next project, I want to try some more of the wilton food color, the green I used was leaf green with a dab of brown, I dyed the lighter one on white wool and the deeper one was over dyed on camel.
I did some over-dying with the kool aid and the wilton's and had good results.
With the price of wool I decided to experiment and was happy with the results, I want to do more! Need to make a trip to Good will and see what wool they have hanging around!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

wool crazy progress

I've been working on my wool crazy summer themed block and having lots of fun, so many ideas and so little space LOL may have to make more, just to much fun. I have really needed to brush up on my embroidery skills or should I say lack of??

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird