Saturday, June 30, 2007


Made this art style quilt several years ago in a workshop, this was a fun way to play with colors and Shading, we used a photo of a flower and then enlarged it, the class was taught by Juanita Yaeger of Louisville. I have an Iris on my design wall that I need to find a background for.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Libby I have been thinking all day what I can tell you about myself so here goes:
1. I can't sit still, I always have to have something to do with my hands or brain, reading, quilting, knitting, I can't even sit out side and just enjoy the weather, I usually see something that has to be done, like a weed or watering.
2. Fibers have been a life long adventure, including being a hairdresser for 32 years, just another fiber right? I also think that's why I can't sit still, and am very aware of the time, can't stand being late for anything.
3. I am totally addicted to coffee, guess that's where I get my extra energy from?
4. I never do dishes, my sweetie does them everynight, gotta love a man that does dishes.
5. I am crazy about sloppy love stories, and OH MY I love the Hallmark channel, just keep the tissues handy for those sappy happy endings!
6. I can't stand being un-organized, need everything in its place, can't work in a mess.
7. Love the rush of a planning a new project or trip, the planning and details are such fun, guess that's why I don't like kits, to me it feels like someone has licked the icing clean off my cupcake.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

when you really have no time to bake

We had party to go to and my kitchen was under construction, so what do you do?? No bake cookies of course!!! These are fabulous and when you really have no time to bake and you need something quick, these are so easy and yummy.
1 bag of butterscotch morsels 11/12 oz
1 6oz bag of milk chocolate chips
1 eleven oz can of spanish peanuts or almonds
melt the chips and stir in the nuts, drop by spoonfuls on either parchment or foil lined cookie sheets, chill and serve.
thought I might try peanut butter chips yummy!!
The lovely table topper was made by my good friend Cathy, we had a swap last year and she made this one for me, perfect on my table!
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been busy

I have been busy knitting instead of quilting, I made these 2 cute shells they are so cool and comfy I have a 3rd one on the needle now, but I need to get back to the Vintage Valentine and a few other projects that keep nagging me when I walk into my sewing room. I also need to get that room cleaned up, can't work when everything is a mess! LOL
Having a month of Jury duty hasn't helped, just grabbing my knitting bag is so quick.
Ky is in severe drought so been trying to keep the shrubs watered as well as the garden, I feel so for the farmers.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Toast

As each year passes it's a very frightening thing to have to put on a bathing suit, the laws of gravity never lie!!

I made this quilt for a KY state guild challenge, I had such fun trying new techniques, the design was inspired by Barbara Lavallee , love her play on words and how she interprets them with her wonderful art. I did start with a pattern but then did my own thing, the theme of the challenge was "make me laugh"

this quilt has traveled the state of KY all year and I will be getting it back next week.

Now where do you hang something like this? I'm thinking of giving it to a very good friend, who has a hot tub hmmmm.....
Sew till later

Sunday, June 3, 2007

honeysuckle and needles

I have been knitting this week, made this cute sleeveless shell
I have had this bright lemon yellow cotton yarn in my stash for 8 years!! only had 5 skeins, and thought I didn't have enough, but I found this cute free pattern online and had enough to make it and I think enough left over to make a premie hat for charity! The shop is very close to my DD, so guess I will visit the next time we go to Illinois!

I also bought this gorgeous yarn by Takhi, called Tweedy cotton, I have my needles ready to knit while I am on Jury duty this whole month, need something to show for my days, also have some blocks prepped, some books to read in case they don't allow needles and scissors at the court house

The Honeysuckle and roses are blooming in my secret garden, but with this high heat and humidity I don't think they will last long, we need rain so bad.
Sew till later

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird