Sunday, December 30, 2007

shawls lace knitting

I just finished lavender linen lace shawl I made it with merino/cashmere yarn called Gentle by Yarn Place I doubled the yarn.
The pattern is from Nancy weisman's book, shawls and stoles, can't remember the exact title.

I love the way it drapes, I have become adicted to knitting lace lately, I have to admit my quilting has been on the back burner, but at least I have been keeping my fingers busy with fiber.

I also finished Mystic waters KAL and am about to begin "secret of the stoleII, I still haven't decided which yarn to use, It's between Malabrigo or Zephyr I hope to swatch the malabrigo today and then decide.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Japanese folding

Last week at guild we learned how to fold kimonos, how sweet is this? I need to get a chop stick to hang it on, I know just who I will give this to.
See I have been doing a bit with fabric not just my knitting, but I still have some knit hats and socks to finish, I made 3 over the weekend and got 2 packages out in the mail, I seem to get further behind the faster I go.
I also dropped off a big box of small baby knits to the pregancy help center.
Today we get the final clue for the KAL Mystic water shawl, so hope I can have it done for Christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I have been very lax in posting to my blog, but I have been busy knitting the shawl and a few Christmas gifts

This is my mystic water KAL I have one more clue before it's done, I am sure it will be so soft and warm, perfect for a cold evening.

I found a cool website for Christmas recipes and activities, found some yummy recipes and lots of things you can do with your children, this link will take you straight to the Northpole, how fun is that?

I received a most wonderful secret santa package from Holland yesterday, I now have my very own "Nisser" who has happily taken up residence in my gingerbread tree, I have to watch him carefully in case he eats to many sweets. According to my friend Imi these little fellows are a bit like Gnomes and can get into all types of mischief, but he sure brings a smile to my face. I also recieved a beautiful Gingerbread wallhanging, complete with sacks of flour and sugar with words and rusty tin embellishments so delightful, a piece of reproduction Dutch Chintz, several wool dolls, candy and Christmas tea, which just smells like Christmas, I do believe I have been spoiled.

If you look closely at the tree you will see a small tin horn, it's dated 1895 and was on my grandfather's first Christmas tree

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird