Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let there be chocolate

Oh YUM!! Valentines' day chocolates what could be better? NOTHING!

I used Pat Sloan's fabric line Sweetbriar I love the great chocolate browns and pinks she has in this line and were perfect for Lizzie B Cre8tive pattern.

This was such a fun pattern to make, and I think I put on a few pounds cause I wanted chocolate everyday!! don't we all?

Okay I need a Snicker bar!!
Hope everyone gets something sweet for Valentine's Day

Monday, January 28, 2008

applique and knitting

This was a productive week, I finished clue 4 for the Springshawl surprise, finished clue 2 for Secret of the stoleii and finished block 7 for Vintage valentine. See what a cold week does? keeps me home LOL
Block 7 is done and onto block 8, I do hope I can finishe the blocks by the end of Feb. that's my goal anyway, and goals are a good thing.

Secret of the stoleii I am loving this pattern and the malabrigo yarn is so yummy, the clue this week was fun and the hint for the theme is interesting, "incommunicado" Name a place of rest, well cemetery crossed my mind, but also cloister, I would hope it would be Cloister, as that is a lovely thought, I think of cloistered gardens, a wonderful place to retreat.

spring shawl surprise clue 4
this one is driving me crazy I may place it in the corner till it learns how to behave properly, I don't believe I have ever had to tink a pattern as much as I have this one, and now I am not sure if I will continue it, we'll wait and see

Monday, January 21, 2008

secret of the stole 11

Finished clue 1 of the SSSii not once but twice, I started with Zephyr plum 2/18, I do love that yarn, but the color was too dark for me right now, so I pulled out some yummy pink Malabrigo baby mmerino and started again, I really love the softness of the yarn and the stitch definition is lovely. I will be buying more of this yarn. I am using size 4 US needles and used a size 6 for casting on. Clue 2 is coming out on Friday. I've been trying to guess what the theme is, our first clue is "America" seems to remind me of an indian blanket and then the center stitches look like a dream catcher.... Hmm wonder what it is?

Friday, January 18, 2008

spring shawl surprise

I've been hard at work on this lovely pattern, been doing alot of tinking but I finally finished clue 3 I love how this shawl is turning out. I have never done patterning on both sides, so I have been using a lot of lifelines, they are sure saving my sanity.

Today we get clue one of the secret of the stole 11 so I will have 2 shawls on the knitting needles I hope it won't overwhelm me.

I have also been plugging along on Vintage valentine, almost done with block 7 and have used the embroidery unit on my machine to do the words for block 8 I hope to have all the blocks finished by mid Feb. I haven't used that unit in over a year, so I had to get out the manual, but I did get it done and happy with how it looks

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vintage Valentine, and lace knitting

Block 5

Block 6

Got going again on the VV blocks I completed block 5 and also block 6 and started block 7 so hope I can keep up with my applique as well as knitting, so many things that I want to accomplish this year... so far so good.
I finished clue 2 for the Spring shawl KAL and love how the pattern is developing, I did have to do a bit of frogging but those life lines are a blessing.

I also received my order from Sarah's yarns this week, so have a nice supply of lovely wools in my stash, yarns can be just as addictive as fabrics. I bought some lovely Malabrigo yarn in a pretty
shade of pink and that too will be a shawl, I am so addicted to the lace patterns, must be a bit of influence from my grandmother.

The Secret of the Shawl II KAL starts this week so I will have 2 shawls that I will be working on.... do you think I can keep up? I guess only time will tell.
I will be using a shade of Plum Zephyr YUM just love that yarn.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

lace, knitting KAL

I started another shawl KAL with the nautical knitter this should be lots of fun, I chose a lovely shade of plum lace weight wool/silk from Zephyr I did my swatch and like how it looks, this will be starting the middle of Jan. but I have lots to keep me busy.
I have a pair of socks that need to be finished and also working on
the knitting KAL Spring shawl surprice I am using a medium blue Zephyr same weight as the other, so I guess my knitting needles will keep clicking. But I will be doing some quilting too. When the weather is frosty perfect time to stay inside and create.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird