Friday, August 14, 2009

busy sewing

and lots of other things, I finished block 8 of home sweet home and almost done with block 9 just a few more leaves to stitch so top will be done soon, I have sewn 3 of the 4 borders I think this will be really pretty.

I started Moda U with friends and have several blocks done, my colors with this are chocolate brown reds and pinks.

Had such a mess to clean up after nasty storms last week took out our patio furniture and several trees, so much glass to pick up safety glass is so tiny we used spatulas to try and get it out of the mulch.
I also have the Aug, block done for Bunny Hill's BOM I did change it a bit who hasn't had a picnic disturbed my bees and ants? and I had to have a slice of watermelon to go with my cupcakes

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WhiteRacoon said...

So sweet! I love the vase with flowers most. =)

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird