Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply Romantic

I had a very productive weekend, but staying inside was really hard, weather was gorgeous!

I finished quilting Simply Romantic, got the binding on and used an extra block for the label, I need to finish sewing the sleeve down, but will save that for quilt group on Thurs. I also finished the next block "Berry Street" for Home Sweet Home, prepped 2 more blocks, this is going together very quickly, I really love this pattern. We were under tornado and severe Thunder storm warnings last evening and being a quilter I just took my hand sewing in the closet as we waited out the storms, I just can't get used to the storms we have here in KY

Now I really need to buckle down and get some cleaning done, get ready for Easter, our daughter is coming down for the weekend and bringing a friend......????

The new Bunny Hill block is out too, so I need to prep the block.

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Kaaren said...

Stunning, Betty. You're just moving right along, aren't you? Good for you.

I've got to prep my Bunny Hill blocks as well. I'll probably get at them later this afternoon.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird