Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Quilter's day out!

Today is National Quilter's Day Out!! this event began in Kentucky! So I hope everyone is planning some wonderful quilty events.

Since I have been out shopping for the last 2 weeks, instead of going out with my freinds I'm going to stay in and sew all day.

I picked up The DVD John Adams so that should be fun to watch this weekend.

I have to get my new fabrics washed and ironed and hope to finish quilting my Simply Romantic.

I also had to purchase a new iron, I got a Shark Rapido... hope I like it, I am so hard on irons, have gone through 4 in 10 years, including 1 Rowena, 2 Black and Decker and a GE

I bought this great panel yesterday, the panel is by Andover fabrics and they have a pattern for the tote on their website, won't it make a great tote bag?

Everyone have a wonderful day filled with lots of fabric and fun!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Happy quilting day! I just made a quilt out of the smaller panels. And picked it up from the quilter yesterday! You have to see the little rotary cutters on the border she put on it!!!!

Kaaren said...

I had a great quilting day Betty. Shopping! I'm doing my best to help the ecomomy, honest!

Don't ya just love that gal?

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird