Sunday, May 6, 2007

quilts and gardens

My secret Garden, and the quilt I designed of my dream secret garden. The quilt has a poem that my grandfather used to recite to me when we had tea parties in the backyard
"In the in the dell, in our garden the dolls and I take tea, and days when I have raisins the catbirds dine with me"
These photos were taken last June, I think there are so many things that quilts and gardens have in common. The quilt was made in 2002 for state guild challenge, Pot Luck" I won viewers choice and it is one of my favorite wallhangings.

All the same design options/decisions go into planning a quilt as you would a garden. One is on a bed, the other is a bed, both use texture, color, shape, and size to create the design. I just wish the garden didn't keep tossing weeds into the mix! and then the volunteers that pop up where they were not planted!!

I have fields behind my home and keeping the weeds at bay has been a challenge, I really love a wild looking border, which attracts so many wonderful birds and butterflys, but controling it is a big job. I have spent the last 10 days trying to tame the wild, for my efforts I now have a nasty case of poison ivy!

I love to sit back in my private little garden and sew or read, great place to relax and enjoy a bit of quiet.

sew till later


Dawn said...

Oh I could sooo sit in your secret garden! The quilt is wonderful too!

Nancy in MT said...

Oh my Betty, don't think I've ever seen this quilt, Secret Garden, just wonderful, no wonder it won a prize, your gardens are lovely.

Libby said...

I love your secret garden. I have to admit that I love the volunteer plants that pop up around my yard - they seem so brave and strong to just plant themselves and grow where they see fit.

Patti said...

I hope you are all recovered from your poison ivy by now.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird