Tuesday, May 22, 2007

mini quilt and endless chain

This mini was the pattern in the little tin Sanctuary line by Moda

the quilt is backed by wool and I used some vintage buttons for the tacking

easy LOL Hand blanket stitched the outer edge and the melons were hand appliqued down.

It feels great to have something finished and looks great on my coffee table, and is perfect with

my Endless chain lap quilt I made a few years ago, scrappy and the backing is

from a piece of fabric that I found in the cedar chest when I was cleaning out my

mother's house. My sister and I had dresses out of that, mom used to buy fabric by the

bolt, do any of you remember when cotton was only 36" wide? seems to me that

the manufactors are heading back in that direction?

Need get back to sewing

sew till later


Patti said...

Hi Betty! Oh, I so love the colors of these quilts. I love the dark, rich primitive colors but I also love all these soft romantic colors and florals that are coming out these days. I love the Moda tins too, though I've not made any of the little quilts yet. One of these days LOL!

Oh yes, I remember when cotton wae 36" wide. The first fabric I ever chose was for the apron I had to make in 7th grade home ec. We went to Ben Franklin 5&10 to choose it. It was so hard to decide! All I remember is that my mother tried to talk me into something other than the piece I chose, telling me the one I liked looked like a "granny's dress". I guess I liked old looking things even then!

Dawn said...

Oh I love your endless chain! It is wonderful! What a great quilt! I've never tried to do octogon settings for a quilt like that.

KCQuilter said...

Oh, yes, I definitely remember 36" wide fabric (then we called it "material" LOL) and I was mesmerized by those machines at the cutting counter in which the clerk would put the end of the fabric in and slide it through till the meter registered the right amount and clip it. Then she'd tear off the amount needed!!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Moda is one of my favorite fabric lines. It seem they know what I like. That mini quilt is beautiful. I bet the wool on the back makes it lay nice and flat. Is there batting? Beautiful...

Libby said...

I love them both! I even remember when fabrics were different widths - not prone to the home arts, I didn't understand all the figuring and cyphering that my mom would do when buying fabric . . . it's only slightly more clear now *s*

Wendy said...

How special to have enough fabric from your Mom's stash to make that wonderful memory quilt. The little table topper is sweet.

Chookyblue said...

Both very nice I really like the first one. Where did you find the pattern??

Rose Marie said...

Lovely quilts, especially the Endless Chain!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird