Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vintage valentine

Block 4 of Vintage Valentine, I finally finished my April block.
I will cut out May's block today, and work on a new summer purse,
I also have Moda's Sancutary tin that looks like fun.
I have been spending so much time working in the yard that my
quilting has taken a back seat, but that all changes today!!
The weather has been really wonderful, so I hope to sit outside this afternoon
and do some stitching and relaxing in my secret garden.
Sew till later


Dawn said...

Betty, it is absolutely beautiful. You are so amazing!

Nancy in MT said...

Betty, I wanted to leave a comment on the garden too, beautiful, worth all the hard work every year, and the shoes with the plants in them are too cute, have always wanted to do that up here with cowboy boots, and those palm trees, is he crazy to put up a red palm tree, in Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, love the VV, as beautiful are your garden.

Libby said...

A very beautiful piece. I bet it's fun to sit in your garden hideway and stitch an afternoon away . . . and look at the wonderul results *s*

KCQuilter said...

Oh, what a beauty. Your Vintage Valentine quilt will be amazing.

Patti said...

This is going to be such a beautiful quilt - I love the pattern the first moment I saw it. Decided I already had too many things to do so for once I was good and didn't pick it up.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird