Friday, May 18, 2007


Oh MY Can you see those metal Palm trees??

we call that house "hooter's" good thing I can't really see it from my house, think I need to plant another tree.
Front 2 tier basket, can you see my old garden shoes??
the bird and butterfly garden is coming along

The view from my inside my secret garden


KCQuilter said...

What a peaceful retreat you have created!!!!

Libby said...

What possesses some people? Our neighbor has a full on light up palm in the backyard. WHY! *s* Good thing you have such a lovely and secluded yard to protect you. Your garden it wonderful.

Dawn said...

I still love your secret garden so much! And when you told us about those metal palm trees I guess I didn't quite understand how large they are! I guess I can say very different!!!

Patti said...

Oh Betty, what a wonderful garden you have! You must have quite a sizeable chunk of property. And I love the idea for the shoes! We have a bunch of pairs of old gardening shoes in the garage. Maybe I should plant some of my marigolds on them and put them on the front step. That would give folks a chuckle. Thanks for the idea - I'm going to play with that. Sure wish I had room to create a "Secret Garden" - that's been one of my favorite books since I first read it as a child. I think I have every movie version that's ever come out.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird