Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary May 24th

Have you cake and eat it too!

Well I sure don't know where 38 years went!! but Happy anniversary to us!!
Look how young and innocent we were??? What did I know at such a tender age!
I really was a child bride by todays standards.
This year he didn't just send me roses he planted me a rose garden.
I remember those funny little machines that the fabric went thru to be measured, they used to fasinate me. I always loved going to the fabric store, some things never change, I can still see that shop and what a wonderful selection of fabrics they had, I also remember going into NYC for the speciality fabrics, stores no bigger than a shoebox with just buttons from floor to ceiling and the bead and lace shops, I get to go back occasionally when I visit back home.
Back to Endless chain, I hand pieced the quilt, it was a carry along project for several years, then I decided it had to end!
Endless chain is by Barbara Brandeburg, "Fancy things cabbage rose"
Sew till later


KCQuilter said...

Congratulations!!!! Great photo of the "newlyweds" and wonderful roses.

Libby said...

Happy Anniversary - a rose garden . . . now that's a gift that keeps on giving *s*

I remember those machines - they seemed so very 'technical'.

Juanita said...

Happy Anniversary! And I wish you many, many more years.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your having a great day! Now I have to go home and find that book - I even have it, and I must have just always skipped over that quilt!

Patti said...

Happy, happy to you both on your special day. A rose garden - how marvelous! He must be a true romantic. I know what you mean -where DID the time go? We celebrate our 38th anniversary next month. Seems impossible!

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Little Brown Bird