Thursday, March 19, 2009

shop hopping in southern KY

What a great way to kick off Quilter's day out! We loaded 2 cars and 8 gals and headed south to Somerset KY where we went to Pauls' discount, we found those cutie pie paper doll fabrics and a few other great finds, they off to a new shop in Somerset called Back Porch Quilts, she had lots of great fabrics and had a trunk show of Elenanor Burns quilts which she happily showed off. Then we headed out to Liberty Ky where we went to Lavendar's which is owned by a menonite lady who's shop is way up in the hills. Along the long winding road we passed a buggy full of beautiful babies and toddlers, as we headed up the steep hill we passed a farm where a young Amish boy wearing hip boots that were way to big was happlily playing in a big mud puddle.

We arrived the shop and got a few more pieces of fabric and then headed out to "Staff of Life" which is a restarant run by the Gideon's, several ladies approached our table and asked if we were quilters, we said yes, and then asked her how she knew, well she said, quilters always travel is packs and look like they are having a blast! which we were.

After a great lunch and renewed energy we got back in our cars and headed into town, where we went to Kings department store, which had lots of great fabrics too, but too soon we had to head for home with the trunks of our cars full, we traveled 180 miles on a beautiful sunny spring day.

Quilters are dangerous when on the hop!

Last week we went to eastern Ky and hit 3 stores, that group was 16 Calico Patch in Morehead, Sterling thimble in MT Sterling and another in Winchester, which I can't remember the name of, did a bit of damage then to.
I have added quite a bit to the stash and picked up several patterns, one is Aunt Millie's garden and another is a darling basket quilt by Windham fabrics ( chocolate Baskets) using their line Pink Chocolate. I also picked up a FQ pack of Plantation and found that there's a great pattern for it on their free project page

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KCQuilter said...

Fun, fun, fun! Way to help out the economy.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird