Monday, March 9, 2009

Quilt trail project

Madison county KY has been working on the quilt trail project for 2 years and we have 50 quilts now hung on the old tobacco barns around our county.
Some are being hung on historic buildings in town, we have such fun driving around and seeing all the wonderful quilts that are being enjoyed by so many. There will be maps available they have made them destination rides one way will lead to a local winery, another to a pottery artist, the art center and just some lovely rides thru the farm land.
The link above shows the quilts that have been hung and a map to enjoy a nice drive

The quilt guild is making wallhanging to hang in places around Richmond and Berea, we finished one and presented it to the RECC our rural electric company to hang in their office, those men have hung all the quilts and have enjoyed the project.


Kaaren said...

Oh Betty, how wonderful to see all the colors spread around for all to see! What a marvellous project and it's definitel eye candy indeed.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh these are sooo cool! I would love to drive around and just "see" them!

Nancy in MT said...

Oh, the quilts look wonderful and so vivid, just love it, what a project. Nancy

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Little Brown Bird