Friday, September 14, 2007

fall swap

I made these for Dawn for a fall swap

The Scarecrow mat is from Dec. 2006 Create and Decorate Magazine

the pineapple is from the book "Primitive Gatherings" by Terry Burkhart and Rozan Meacham I also made her a pair of my crazy socks and a jar of Tomato butter.

Last Saturday I made 14 jars of this wonderful condiment and we just love it. Well we must LOL cause you have to cook it for several hours and stir so it doesn't stick, but well worth the effort.

I spent the morning stripping wallpaper, sure not exciting but glad it's done, then I cleaned the oven, don't you hate it when you work so hard and no one sees what you've done? Just like cleaning closets, only you know what you have accomplished.


Dawn said...

Oh Betty - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love everything! And that fabric you used for the pineapple is just too perfect! And no wonder your sewing group loved my mat! It is in my living room right now!

Libby said...

You did a wonderful job with your swap pieces . . . love them all. Never heard of tomato butter, but I bet it is a yummy as can be *s*

KCQuilter said...

Wow, Dawn is one lucky girl! Your swap pieces are amazing.

Jeanne said...

Your swap projects are very cute! It sounds like Dawn is very happy with them, too.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird