Friday, August 31, 2007

fall in a package

Look at the wonderful package Dawn sent me!!

What a fun package to receive, I only hope she likes what I send her, which I still need to finish up this weekend.
Looks like I should pull fall decorations out, well at least my sunflowers, love those at this time of the year.
Been so bad about adding to my blog, had a lightning strike behind our property that did alot of damage, as well as knocking out my ethernet cards so was with out PC over a week. So now that I have finally gotten the house back to normal I hope I can post more often.
Sew till later


Dawn said...

Betty it looks wonderful on your hutch and in your house! I"m glad you are enjoying it and love the DH noticed it!

Libby said...

What a wonderful package - looks like you've got a great start on greeting the coming season *s*

Shelina said...

Oh I hate losing my internet connection. It seems that I am addicted.
That does look like a wonderful package.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird