Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enchanted autumn

I started this quilt by Verna Mosquera of Vintage spool

I need to quilt it! So I dragged it out and pressed it and have the

backing pieced so tomorrow I am taking it to guild to pin baste I love using those large tables, sure is better on the knees!

I decided to machine quilt it, I need to get things done.

Think it will be quilt in the ditch between the blocks and then a

bit of meandering inside the blocks

wish me luck!


Screen Door said...

Stunning-- nothing less than stunning...

Dawn said...

Oh good luck! It is beautiful! It deserves to be finished!

Elaine Adair said...

What a lovely collection of blocks, all blending together, so gently. Gorgeous.

KCQuilter said...

Absolutely beautiful, Betty! Can't wait to see it DoneDone!!

Anonymous said...

I love that top! You did a beautiful job! Will love to see it quilted! Thanks for sharing!

gloria g. Richards, TX

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird