Monday, September 24, 2007


We've been busy painting, after all when you are in a home for 9 years things need to be done.

so we finally finihed our bathroom and I am still waiting for light fixture and new faucets and hardware to arrive. I also want to paint the cabinet with a buttermilk paint.

the color of this type is about the shade we painted.


Jeanne said...

Sounds like you are closing in on a finish for that bathroom makeover. I'm sure it looks wonderful. I couldn't find the Stashbuster ring on your sidebar while clicking through today.

Patti said...

Very pretty color Betty!

kjquilts said...

Very pretty! My Mother has the exact same shower curtain! I love the color of the walls.

Dawn said...

Very nice! Oh our poor home needs painting so bad after 22 years! The kids bedrooms have been done, but I just dread the kitchen and living room!

Libby said...

Great inspirations . . . we have a bathroom in severe need of a makeover.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird