Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fall themed crazy wool

Yesterday I started my fall themed crazy wool. I wanted to do a round one and wanted it to be only about 18". I drew a circle on freezer paper and then made lines to design the patches, this was a bit more formally than I did with my first wool. I then made a second copy of my pattern on freezer paper and used the first copy to cut apart and iron onto the wool, leaving a fat 1/4" around the entire piece when I cut it out, this way I could decide which piece I would lay on top or underneath, and I also would not waste my lovely wool.
As I cut out the pieces I then placed them on my original pattern which I had placed a piece of fusible fleece underneath, the fusible side was placed down and the wool pieces were placed on top, then I basted the pieces together. This way I can fuse the backing to the underside backing of the mat when I am done.
I think my theme is more fall and autumn rather than just halloween, I love fall and all it's flaming glory of colors.

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Quilts And Pieces said...

How fun and cool these are! I still like the watermelon and ants!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird