Friday, July 16, 2010

dyeing wool

Microwave Kool Aid

Country classics acid dye

Wilton food coloring leaf green darker is over dyed

Today I played with dyeing wool, I did Kool Aid Acid dye and Wiltons food coloring.

Most came out great and I look forward to using them in my next project, I want to try some more of the wilton food color, the green I used was leaf green with a dab of brown, I dyed the lighter one on white wool and the deeper one was over dyed on camel.
I did some over-dying with the kool aid and the wilton's and had good results.
With the price of wool I decided to experiment and was happy with the results, I want to do more! Need to make a trip to Good will and see what wool they have hanging around!

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Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird