Friday, January 18, 2008

spring shawl surprise

I've been hard at work on this lovely pattern, been doing alot of tinking but I finally finished clue 3 I love how this shawl is turning out. I have never done patterning on both sides, so I have been using a lot of lifelines, they are sure saving my sanity.

Today we get clue one of the secret of the stole 11 so I will have 2 shawls on the knitting needles I hope it won't overwhelm me.

I have also been plugging along on Vintage valentine, almost done with block 7 and have used the embroidery unit on my machine to do the words for block 8 I hope to have all the blocks finished by mid Feb. I haven't used that unit in over a year, so I had to get out the manual, but I did get it done and happy with how it looks

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Dawn said...

Oh my gosh this is just gorgeous!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird