Monday, January 28, 2008

applique and knitting

This was a productive week, I finished clue 4 for the Springshawl surprise, finished clue 2 for Secret of the stoleii and finished block 7 for Vintage valentine. See what a cold week does? keeps me home LOL
Block 7 is done and onto block 8, I do hope I can finishe the blocks by the end of Feb. that's my goal anyway, and goals are a good thing.

Secret of the stoleii I am loving this pattern and the malabrigo yarn is so yummy, the clue this week was fun and the hint for the theme is interesting, "incommunicado" Name a place of rest, well cemetery crossed my mind, but also cloister, I would hope it would be Cloister, as that is a lovely thought, I think of cloistered gardens, a wonderful place to retreat.

spring shawl surprise clue 4
this one is driving me crazy I may place it in the corner till it learns how to behave properly, I don't believe I have ever had to tink a pattern as much as I have this one, and now I am not sure if I will continue it, we'll wait and see

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Dawn said...

They are beautiful. Don't give up on the one. just finish it up and send to me! I would never know if it was right or wrong! Your applique is awesome!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird