Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First quilt

This is my first quilt, the 2 blocks are North Carolina patterns published in Quilter's Newsletter in the late 1970's, the brown fabric is polyester! boy does that stuff beard, I have to give it a shave now and then, back then you didn't have the choices of quilt fabrics, remember poly was the miracle fabric!! HA wonder how many leisure suits are not decaying in our landfills? I love that quilts are never out of fashion to those of that love them.

No one told me not to start with curves! I hand pieced and hand quilted using a trailing dogwood pattern (state flower for NC) I sure did learn alot when I did this! I have sewn for years but dressmaking 5/8" SA was the standard, so going to 1/4" was very scary, where was my fudge factor?? oh that's right no fudging LOL
Sew till later .... keep stitching


Libby said...

Now that's a first quilt - love that it's made with poly fabrics. Those first quilts really are an adventure and sometimes a true testament to the fact that we really, really want to make quilts *s*
Love the look of your new blog and happy to have it added to my list of regular reads.

Nancy in MT said...

Gosh Betty, even with the poly it looks pretty good. And you still have it after how many years?

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Don't we quilter's love our challenges...It's what keeps the gray cells moving and us sort of kind of sharp...I'm talking about me..sort of , kind of sharp...smile

Dawn said...

Ahh yes, those fabrics and colors look so familiar. I' made a quilt with those colors way back when!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird