Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buried treasures

Oh Look what wonders you find when you dig deep and clean out the closet! I emptied the closet in my sewing room while re-organizing and found a few things I had forgot about! This little 9 patch top was buried in a box at the back of the closet, I made the little 9 patches while visiting my grandmother back in the 60's! Yup was sewing back then. I rediscovered them in the late eighties and sewed them together and then put it away again, I added the border yesterday and today I will quilt it, won't it make a cute table topper?

I also found Sweet Peas, from a workshop I took with Nancy Pearson back in 2002, now I need to work on that also. I tool a 3 day workshop with her at the American quilt museum in Paducah, and it's where I really learned how to applique.

Another top I found was my very first attempt at applique, the pattern is from Baltimore Bouquets by Mimi Dietrich, oh my stitches were terrible, I can't decide if I want to redo it or just go ahead and quilt it, it shows just how far I have come.


WoolenSails said...

I like the funky flowers. What fun to find your first quilts and compare them to what you do now.


Kaaren said...

What treasures to find! Isn't it humbling when we look at some of our earlier work? But at the same time, it's also nice to see that we've made some progress if for nothing else than our choice of colors. I can't believe how much my tastes have changed.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird