Sunday, June 3, 2007

honeysuckle and needles

I have been knitting this week, made this cute sleeveless shell
I have had this bright lemon yellow cotton yarn in my stash for 8 years!! only had 5 skeins, and thought I didn't have enough, but I found this cute free pattern online and had enough to make it and I think enough left over to make a premie hat for charity! The shop is very close to my DD, so guess I will visit the next time we go to Illinois!

I also bought this gorgeous yarn by Takhi, called Tweedy cotton, I have my needles ready to knit while I am on Jury duty this whole month, need something to show for my days, also have some blocks prepped, some books to read in case they don't allow needles and scissors at the court house

The Honeysuckle and roses are blooming in my secret garden, but with this high heat and humidity I don't think they will last long, we need rain so bad.
Sew till later


Screen Door said...

Way too cute!!!I bet you are kicking yourself for not making it sooner. Honeysuckle used to grow wild on the fences of my grammar school. We used to try to taste the honey at recess. Thanks for the memory.

Juanita said...

Like the shell and I love that tweedy yarn. That's pretty enough to get me thinkin' I'd like to knit something...haven't touched knitting needles in years. :)

Took the 'what kind of flower are you?' quiz and it told me I'm a Sunflower. Shucks, I was hoping I could be a rose or a freesia. LOL

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird