Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my month of june

Dilly green beans, zucchini relish, lime pickles, strawberry jam and bing cherry conserve
Sweet Liberty pattern by Pat Sloan with my personal touches

Baskets of Geraniums

Moda U basket quilt

Been busy canning, made strawberry jam, Dilly green beans, lime pickles, zucchini relish and Bing Cherry conserve, sure will enjoy these next winter, my gardens have been taking it tough with the extreme heat, but we now have a few days of cooler weather.

Finished my Moda U basket sampler quilt, several wool table mats and have continued working on Calico garden.
I have done a bunch of projects from Primitive Gatherings "Summer Gatherings" have to finish/frame my fresh cut daisies.

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Betty, oh all your stuff is so wonderful! I just made a little quilt with the small flowers from Summer Gatherings but they didn't turn out half as cute as yours!

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird