Thursday, July 12, 2007

Times Remembered

Must be something in the air cause I have started several new BOM projects this week, like I have nothing else going on right?

I pulled all the BG fabrics and did the angel block today, had to give her a few curls, after all what'a a retired hairdresser supposed to do with a bald head? also gave ger a spiffy shiny gold halo, used stitches on my machine.
I should get on with my Vintage Valentine, so nice outside, maybe I need to go outside and stitch??

Pattern is by Pat Sloan, I will be working with her Yahoo group doing one a month, so I should be able to keep up.
these are my background fabrics.


Libby said...

What's wrong with a new BOM? It's only one block per month *s* Love the angel.

Dawn said...

I had forgotten that you are retirred hair dresser! And I just laughed when you started a new BOM! I"ve got so many to finish!

Patti said...

What a neat angel block! Your post made me chuckle - I think we are all addicted to BOM's! I've managed to resist pretty well so far this year, but I saw a new one yesterday and feel myself caving in.

I've completed two blocks of this quilt. Instead of getting a new BOM I should get this one back out and work on it again.

Little Brown Bird

Little Brown Bird